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What is a union signatory?

A signer of a document constituting a fundemental guarantee of rights and a promise to pay.
fact: A signatory is needed to credibly produce entertainment content using SAG, DGA, IA, Teamsters and/or WGA talent.

Why do I need a union signatory?

Unions require a trusted company to guarantee all talent rights will be honored and to process all production documents and payments associated with an entertainment production.
fact: A signatory is the employer of record for all union employees and is considered the PAYMASTER for all Base fees, Pension & Health and Residual payments earned by union employees throughout the lifespan of the production.

Why are unions so expensive?

It's a false claim borne from the lack of an expert to guide the structure; the structure and choice of the right contract and required bond negotiations. Residuals are also not scary.
fact: The unions have structure that protects both the producer as well as the employees/talent. Union productions are often less expensive than non-union productions, if done right.

What are the benefits of going union?

You will have access to the most sought after talent available on Earth and will qualify to be recognized for all industry awards.
fact: There has never been a non-union production that was commercially successful or embraced by the industry. Union agreements are the basis for a successful production.

STOP. Don't sign anything without talking to an expert union signatory.

WHY? Having a strategy is critical and the bonds require expert negotiation.

How can Signatory Services help?

By choosing the right contract and developing the challenging parts of the production's backend into a fluid, repeatable and transparent process. We use the term "Set & Release."
fact: You can produce content with peace-of-mind knowing that all required systems and rights are managed. Money is saved by using an expert to manage union requirements.

An established union signatory will work to manage these services:

  • contract consulting
  • production payroll
  • employer of record
  • talent projections
  • accounting services
  • tax withholdings & filings
  • budget projections
  • bond negotiation
  • residual reporting
  • residual projections
  • P & H reporting
  • W2 processing
fact: Producers of content need an expert to navigate these areas.

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19528 Ventura Blvd. #528
Tarzana, CA 91356
(323) 896-8809